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Monday, January 5, 2009

. .i think of you and i wonder

(an almost total re-write of a poem i did at writer's group)

you lie with me in the darkness of the day
leaning on my chest, cuddling close
i cup my hand over your head
and draw you near

your hair feels so rough, not at all like you
sharp to a point, pointing to the sky
i love the rebellion i feel in it
even as it shies away from me

i accept its difference, just like i accept you
you understand me, even when i don't understand myself
you're patient, kind . . .cute
and your words still surprise me

there is nothing you do that doesn't
amaze me
thrill me
make me love you more

can we be so different
and yet yearn to be together?

will all that's crazy in me
take away all the love that's in you?

can i still be me,
loving you
and have you
accept my love
as mine?

i can never let you go

1 comment:

TaunaLen said...

I love it! Very nice rewrite. :)

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