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Friday, January 2, 2009

the road is long (allegory most foul)

(i'm trying out "the daily writer" by fred white. it challenges you to write everyday, and learn something as you go. day one was "write an allegory, fool." well, the fool did it.)

into the mist walked angela.

she felt herself going higher and higher. the air around her grew thin, making it harder to breathe. she stumbled to the ground crying. this was way too difficult for a small person.

"you'll make it, sweetheart."

she looked around. out of the fog, bob hope appeared.

"it's all right. um . .you're gonna make it. sure. i've seen people like you. people walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring."

"you mean, like democrats?"

hope smiled. "you took the words right out of my mouth. and boy, was i glad to get rid of them."

hope helped her up, and angela walked on.

the only sound she could hear was her own footsteps. the only things she could see clearly was herself, and the land behind her. ahead was darkness . . . fog . . .nothing.

she stopped.

"we could go see what's on the tivo."

angela turned around, and there was dane cook.

"i mean, why go on ahead? there's nothing out there. you got the sun behind you, the popcorn, the cable."

angela wavered . . .

"listen, we're all gonna lie, we're all gonna cry, and we're all gonna take painful craps."

. . .but jolted back to reality.

"um, take a laxative, will you?"

she turned, and walked away.

at a certain point, she started to climb. the rocks she gripped were cold, and slippery. awkwardly she went on, stepping gingerly on.

"here, let me help you."

angela paused. who now?

she looked to her right in enough time to see doris day take off her gloves.

"you can have these. then your hands won't be all slimy."

"thank you." angela was dubious, but once she donned the gloves, her hands felt strong, warm. and very ladylike. "how sweet of you!"

"no problem, angela. good luck!"

"do you think i'll reach the top?"

"que sera . . ." and, in a moment, day was gone.

angela sighed, wishing her hair was bouncy and blonde.

soon, with a lighter spirit, and warm hands, angela reached the top of the mountain. all around was blue skies, green grass, warm sunshine . . .vivid colours everywhere.

she sat in the middle of a field of flowers, thinking. she barely noticed the person sitting next to her, but soon she smelled a deliciously feminine scent.

"what lovely perfume!"

"thank you, dear."

angela sighed.

"you know, it was a long climb up here. rocks. slime. fog. painful craps. was it even worth it?"

"*i* think it was. but, then again, i'm always sure something good will come out of everything."

"i guess you would have to, being you. but what is there here for me? grass? sun?"

"well, what do you want?"

"um . . .well . . .cable tv? great books? wi fi?"

blink, blink, blink . . .as she said each word, the comforts of her world appeared around her.

"oh, great! this . .wait! doritos!"

blink . . .doritos, too.

"and the old mr. pibb."


angela smiled, and sighed.

"how wonderful!"

the beautiful lady stood up.

"thanks for cluing me in!"

"you're welcome! you know, i believe in mind over matter and doing anything you set your mind on. this paradise you're in can be tailor made. it can be whatever you want it to be."

angela nodded at the wise words.

"good bye, angela!"

angela called out, but didn't think she was heard.

"good bye, elizabeth. and . . .thank you."


TaunaLen said...

I love that Bob Hope represents hope in this. :) As always, nice work, and amazing dialog.

Chrisnomoe said...

Entertaining, and contemporary. I greatly enjoyed it. Chris Moerles

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